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Relieving Pelvic Girdle Pain Online Course

This online course is Level 1 of our Rost Therapy educational program. PLEASE NOTE: This course is almost ready! We are extending the launch to April 1st, 2018. Details will follow soon. Thank you for your patience. Rost moves therapists. The online course is part of our total educational program, designed to train physiotherapists in becoming listed Rost Therapists.

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Relieving Pelvic Girdle Pain Practical Courses

Our practical course completes Level 2 of our Rost Therapy educational program. In our practical course, you will be part of interesting and passionate discussions about PGP and you will learn and practice our assessment and treatment techniques. Although we are very serious in our commitment to improve and learn about PGP, as well as understand the PGP patient experience, and we have lots of fun too! This course is designed to train physiotherapists in the practical skills of Rost Therapy, giving them further confidence and skill in their management of their patients with PGP !

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